Priorto K.C. Property Pcl., Mr.Apisit Ngamachariyakul had founded K.C. group of companies 36 years ago. It's started as a retail of construction materials, mainly plywood, and as a contractor of commercial shophouses. Mr Apisit seriously entered into property development in 1982 by developing middle class townhouses in Klong Chan, Sukhaphiban 1 Road and later expanded to cover both single house and townhouse projects.


Achievement from 1983 to 2003, the K.C. Group had developed housing andland project asfolloes :

Type of Products Projects Units Project Value
Single House 16 2,412 4,402
Town House 10 4,550 4,001
Condominium 1 470 190
Vacant Land 3 585 1,138
Total 30 8,017 9,731

On December 10, 2003 K.C. Group had decided to invest in Modern Home Development Public Company Limited, a listed company with the Stock Exchange of Thailand, who faced financial problems in 1997 due to the Baht devaluation and filed a petition to be under the rehabilitation plan.  K.C. Group bought the   increased capital shares with cash and assets to the amount of 350 MB and became the major shareholder of Modern Home Development Public Company Limited by holding 75% of the total shares.  K.C. Group began to manage the business operation by end of 2003. After K.C. Property Pcl. Was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the company had finished 5 more housing project of 1,063 units worth Baht 1,700 million.

Presently, K.C. Property Pcl. Has 19 housing project under development including 7,814 units and valued at about 15,859 million Baht.

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